What Are Some Good Natural Cures For Acne?

August 16, 2009

Or even over the counter medicines. (Although I’ve been using
over the counter medicines and they don’t seem to be working).
Mostly across the forhead and on chin. Please only serious
recommendations. Thank you.

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  1. handyman says:

    Fluoride toothpaste used to work for me. Just put a little dab on each blemish and see what happens overnight.
    Be sure to use toothpaste though, the gel doesnt have the same effect.

  2. steve says:

    Sorry,only had acne as a teenager but it cleared up ok on its own.
    Acne forms when the pores in the skin gets blocked so you have to perservere and keep the pores open and clean,also after washing with clean water Dab the skin dry and try not to rub it dry,rubbing will only transfer dirt from one part to another .

  3. writegir says:

    I’ve suffered from breakouts on my chin for the past 8 years and the only thing that has truly helped me is honey. I put it on my chin every night for 30-60 minutes and it makes a big difference. If I forget for a couple days, I break out.
    I have a friend who gets acne on her chin and forehead just like you; she even tried accutane and it didn’t work for her. She finally saw a specialist who told her that breakouts on your chin and forehead can be a sign of lactose intolerance. My friend cut back on dairy, switched to soy, and has noticed a huge difference! Good luck!

  4. hannah says:

    most of neutrogena’s stuff works pretty good. try the “rapid clear”.

  5. tips4u.. says:

    Read tips on Treating Acne, Skincare and Home Remedies on this site

  6. just the one says:

    A healthy life style along with good healthy eating. Water really helps keeping your skin clear. And believe it or not…A good nights rest will do the trick to. Wash your face EVERY morning and night. Be sure to do that. I just got this new product called “Acne Free” and it has worked miracles! I use it every morning and night and in about a week my face started clearing up…and trust me when I say this, I had HORRIBLE acne. It also runs in my family so it is really hard to get rid of. Acne free is available at walmart for $18.00. Just use this medicine, eat healthy, and get a good nights rest and your face will be clearing up in no time!
    OH BTW Proactive works good too. But It’s a little more expensive than Acne Free and it isn’t available in walmart.

  7. Andi G says:

    Like previously mentioned eat healthy, cut out sugar as much as possible and substitute for veggies & fruit. Also try taking vitamin B5 (also called d-pantothenic acid) if you google it, there are some people that swear by it. and also if you can stand the smell, some people use organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner on their skin. I have suffered from acne for years and have tried all of the above together in the last year and have noticed a big difference. but it does take a couple weeks.

  8. Morgan M says:

    Cleanliness is the best natural cure for acne. Wash your face with warm, not hot, water twice a day and use a light lotion only once a day. Wash your hands often and keep them away from your face as much as possible. Pin or tie your hair back from your face when at home or friends if you have a style that touches your face. Wash your pillow case and anything else that touches your face twice a week. Use a fresh washcloth each day or if you can use the disposable cotton pads. Over exposure to cleansers and hot water aggravates facial skin and inflames acne. Dirty or oily things will contaminate your face.

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