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Anyone Know Any Natural Cures For Depression That Acutally Work?

By , October 8, 2009


What Are Some Natural Remedies Or Cures For Sunburn That Actually Work (and Are Ok On Sensitive Skin Of Face)?

By , October 4, 2009

I got some sunburn on my face today and now it’s really irritating me. Also, I am someone who has very sensitive, fair skin.
I was wondering if anyone has tried any natural remedy or cure for sun-burnt skin that has actually worked for them. If not to cure it, at least something that will cool it down, so it doesn’t feel so bad.

How Nursing School Grants Work

By , September 5, 2009

If you’re a nursing student who is going out of your mind to find money to pay for your studies, nursing school grants would be your best choice. It is a financial assistance given by organizations or agencies to support all kinds of schools and studies.

Q. How do you apply for nursing school grants?
A. The most recognized nursing school grants program is from the U.S. Government. It is called Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Money awards or grants could be given to any qualifying student and does not need to be paid back.

1. Usage of grants

These grants could be used for long-term nursing training or for the entire four or five years of your college. Many of these nursing grants are used in the cost of the study or program. They could be used in thesis of nursing students and other medical studies.

2. Planning

By planning to acquire nursing school grants, you are ahead on everyone else. Request for a submission form and check for the deadline of the application process. Remember to complete the form with valid information. Double-check your work. Get hold of the procedures in applying for nursing school grants and follow it correctly. You should send your application sooner than the date of the deadline. By preparing earlier, you would prevent missing the deadline and qualifying for the nursing school grants. It would cause you to apply for it on the following year.

3. Eligibility

The grants would be given to any individual (attending private or public schools. or any educational organizations (whether private or public offices. that has been qualified to receive the grants. The main key to qualifying is to prove the nurse’s capability on safety and health training (whether college level or professional level). The nursing school grants could be also based on the financial need of the student, the ranking of the grades, and special talents. The agency would be the one to pass the criteria for the applicants.

4. What Amount Should You Aim For?

The amount of the grants would depend on the criteria passed by the nursing student. Although there are only 208 grants provided a year, the nursing student applying for grants should be able to meet the requirements. When successfully passed, the nursing student would be given sufficient additional training for nursing practices or researches and updated techniques.

5. Procedure

The highest scoring nursing student would be given priority. Although it would still be processed by the FAFSA, once permitted the grant would be given to you. Usually, the awards are divided into two – initial and final grants.

6. Guidelines

- Make sure to get hold of a written policy that a refund will be given if your grant is not approved
- Never give your information in particularly with credit card numbers
- Don’t believe when an agency says that they would do all the processing for you. You should be the one to sign when your signature is needed
- Never give money to agencies that claim you owe them interest in the handling of the processing. These nursing school grants should not cost you anything
- If you are not approved, don’t give up. There is always next year to apply

For more great nursing grants related articles and resources check out>

Has Anyone Tried Any Natural Cures For Uterine Fibroids? & Did It Really Work?

By , August 9, 2009

I am concerned that I may have uterine fibroids. My period has changed signifcantly from my norm of 3 days of light bleeding to 1 day of spotting, 2 days of very heavy bleeding (leaking through super plus tampon ever 2 hours), 2 days of regular bleeding and another 2 days of spotting for a total of 7 days now. My period has also changed from every 28 days to every 26 days. Each month my period has gotten longer and heavier. My mother had fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. It is my understanding fibroids are hereditary. I would like to know about natural obtainable cures that actually work.

What Are Your Natural Cures That Actually Work For Pain And High Blood Pressure?

By , August 3, 2009

The ones you find to be tried and true:
Such as potassium in bananas for high blood pressure for example or steamed broccoli for the calcium. One resource I read claimed that it may not be just high sodium intake but also a mineral deficiency such as potassium and calcium causing or something that can help lower it.
Here’s another resource.…
Any other successful natural pain and hypertension reducers that you know of?

Would Planting Cabbage In The Herb Garden Work To Keep Bugs Off?

By , August 2, 2009

So im trying to garden the organic way. I read plant herbs with cabbage to keep bugs off. Do you think if I just took the cabbage to my herb garden that would work rather then taken the herbs to the cabbage?

Do Natural Allergy Cures For Cats Really Work?

By , July 25, 2009

We got a cat a few months ago and my wife’s allergies have gotten progressively worse. She got an allergy test and she is definitely allergic to cats. She could get shots, but they may or may not work and will take some time to take affect. OTC allergy medicines don’t work. Perhaps she should try something like Zyrtec, but I was wondering if there was a natural ‘cure’ available that actually works. Please let me know what you’ve tried and the results.

Has Anyone Tried Any Natural Cures For Vitiligo That Actually Work?

By , July 21, 2009

I tried Protopic but it didn’t work, I was wondering if anybody knew of a natural cure. Thanks

Does Alternative Medicine Work?

By , July 15, 2009

The growth of alternative medicine over the past few decades has been rapid and the number of alternative medicine practitioners grows by the day. With thousands of private complementary health practitioners and an increase in GPs offering alternative therapies there is no doubting its popularity and continued movement toward professional healthcare validation. However the question about alternative medicine remains – does it work? Acupuncture, reflexology and therapeutic touch are now non-conventional therapies people will consider having when thinking beyond conventional medical practices.

Certainly if you posed the question of whether alternative medicine works to people in the Far East the answer would be a resounding ‘yes’. Many alternative medicine techniques and therapies began in places like China and India centuries ago and are integral to their healthcare systems. With that degree of use and such a rich history there must be a high level of confidence in its effectiveness.

If you speak to many physicians the argument against alternative medicine is that it is not proven to work. This is a somewhat blinkered opinion as it is based on a comparison with traditional pharmaceutical drug testing. Before drugs can be prescribed they must go through rigorous clinical trials using a broad cross-section of society and performed over a period of years under the supervision of trained research teams. The industry goes to great lengths to highlight this clinical process and show that the evidence is scientific fact. But alternative medicine has been put through equally rigorous tests by research teams around the world; it’s just not as well documented.

Only now are we beginning to see the outcomes of these tests as demand for alternative medicine increases. And as demand increases, so the clinical trials into complementary and alternative therapies will increase. We should also be careful to dismiss practices that have been used successfully for thousands of years in other countries.

Another argument against alternative medicine is that evidence is anecdotal and based purely on personal experience of a therapy. But then the same argument could be true of conventional drug treatment. It is only because a clinical trial has taken place that the drug is deemed to work for everyone. That’s not always the case. How often has someone told you to take a certain drug for an ailment as it worked for them only to find that it didn’t work for you? It’s true that certain conditions require traditional treatment but that’s not to say that alternative medicine cannot be used alongside it. A popular benefit with alternative medicine is that it doesn’t have the nasty side-effects or discomfort that pharmaceutical drugs can have.

Alternative medicine is effective and can work for you

Alternative medicine is matter of choice. There are many therapies and techniques to choose from that can fit in with your ideas about health and well-being. Alternative medicine can help with a variety of conditions illnesses and approaches health in a holistic way. Concern for the body as a whole and the use of natural herbal remedies really can target a specific illness. So to answer the question – yes, alternative medicine does work if you find the therapy that works for you.

Medical expert Thomas Pretty looks into arguments surrounding the viability of alternative medicine and the testing that is used to prove its worth.

Are There Any Natural Cancer Cures That Actually Work?

By , July 11, 2009

I have not been diagnosed yet, but I’m an LPN and I’m pretty sure I have breast cancer. I have an appt. scheduled. But just so I’ll be prepared for the worst, I would like to know if there are any natural cures that actually work and have been documented. I’ve searched the net but it’s full of fake testimonials and such. I would like to hear it from real people.

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