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Anyone Know Any Natural Cures For Depression That Acutally Work?

By , October 8, 2009


What Are Some Natural Remedies Or Cures For Sunburn That Actually Work (and Are Ok On Sensitive Skin Of Face)?

By , October 4, 2009

I got some sunburn on my face today and now it’s really irritating me. Also, I am someone who has very sensitive, fair skin.
I was wondering if anyone has tried any natural remedy or cure for sun-burnt skin that has actually worked for them. If not to cure it, at least something that will cool it down, so it doesn’t feel so bad.

Is It True That Filipino Nurses Are The Best Nurses In The World In Terms Of Rendering Holistic Care?

By , September 18, 2009

They are kind, in a very spiritual way. There is an aura about them manifested in calm and concern.
I recently had a non-Filipino nurse who had these same qualities, so it isn’t unique to any nationality, but Filipino people on the whole seem to be pleasantly non prejudicial.
Except when they are unfairly treated, as witnessed by the struggle for independence from USA, Spain, Japan. Also, I worked with a Filipino cook who was being tormented by a large Irish-American chef. The cook charged with a knife, but stopped when I asked him.

What Are Good Natural Cures For Dandruff That Involve Using Apple Cider Vinager?

By , August 27, 2009

(must use apple cider vinegar)
(what are the instuctions?)

Natural Cures That They Dont Want You To Know. Any Truth About Natural Cures?

By , August 19, 2009

I see the advertisement all the time on TV. Is there anything like natural cures?

Does Anyone Know Any Of The “cures” In That Book Of Natural Cures They Don’t Want To Know About?

By , August 18, 2009

Please share with me the remedies (Even if you just know them from somewhere else). Any cures for anything would be great.

What Are Your Natural Cures That Actually Work For Pain And High Blood Pressure?

By , August 3, 2009

The ones you find to be tried and true:
Such as potassium in bananas for high blood pressure for example or steamed broccoli for the calcium. One resource I read claimed that it may not be just high sodium intake but also a mineral deficiency such as potassium and calcium causing or something that can help lower it.
Here’s another resource.…
Any other successful natural pain and hypertension reducers that you know of?

Alternative Cures For Hayfever, That Dont Cost A Fortune?

By , July 28, 2009

Ive suffered from hayfever for years, and i am on prescription antihistamines, but they still dont seem to have that much of an effect. My doctor said theres not really any other more efective pills i could take. However i have heard about alternative methods of treatment such as small laser pulses up your nose you can do at home, with a kit from Boots or the like. Has anyone tried these and been sucessful or know of any other methods??
Any help appreciated!

Has Anyone Tried Any Natural Cures For Vitiligo That Actually Work?

By , July 21, 2009

I tried Protopic but it didn’t work, I was wondering if anybody knew of a natural cure. Thanks

Can I Grow An Indoor Herb Garden That Is Not In A Kitchen Window?

By , July 17, 2009

I live in an apartment on the 14th floor and don’t have a kitchen window or a yard to grow an herb garden. I do have a large sliding glass door to offer light. Is it possible to grow herbs from seed in my place? I do have a balcony, but Virginia gets too cold at times. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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