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Help! My Best Friends’ Father Has Lung Cancer. Do You Know Alternative Cures?

By , November 30, 2009

I am very worried about my friend and her family. Her father has lung cancer and he had an operation and one of the lungs was removed because it was too damaged. Since then they have tried all kinds of medical therapies, chemotherapy, pills and the results are not good. Now the cancer have attacked the lung that was not removed. Doctors say he has still a chance to live, but they are not so sure how much. So, I was wondering does anybody know some alternative methods of curing cancer. He eats healthy food now. Do you know something that can help? I know that there are people in the world that have won the battle against cancer. If you who are reading this already have done that, please share your experience. We would be very grateful.

My Saluki Had Demodectic Mange And The Vet Told Me It Will Never Go, Anyone Know Any Alternative Cures?

By , November 25, 2009

Demodectic mange is sort of like an auto immune disease.
It can be cleard up and if the dog gets stressed by something it can flare back up.
You can not really cure it but you treat the symptoms when they flare up and then hope it will stay dormant for a long time.
Our rescue has had Dobermans with it and treated them fairly successfully. It takes some time to clear up but then many times it is gone for many years.
Follow your vets program as it is really the best way to clear it up and then try and keep your pets life as low key as possible.
Good luck.

Does Anyone Know Of Any Natural Cures/home Remedies For Canker Sores?

By , October 12, 2009

I want to get rid of it without paying for medicine.

Anyone Know Any Natural Cures For Depression That Acutally Work?

By , October 8, 2009


Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know By Kevin Trudeau. Is There Really Anything In It That Is Useful?

By , October 2, 2009

Ive read tons of hoopla but, Ive also viewed some negative accounts as well. If you have used this book anything work or not work? Any statements on the book will be much appreciated. Just wondering if its worth my time. Thanks to all you reply.

Does Anybody Know Any Natural Cures For Acid Reflux?

By , September 25, 2009

I’ve been using Prilosec and Zantac. They work very well but they raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Do You Know Any Natural Cures For An Addict? Please?

By , September 24, 2009

My friend has a heroin addiction, and occasionally does cocaine. I have been reading up a lot on nature cures, herbal remedies, homeopathy. I was wondering if anyone new of any natural cures to help addicts overcome their addiction. It would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone Know Of Any Natural Cures For A Fatty Tumor On A Dog?

By , September 15, 2009

Trying to find a way to get rid of a fatty tumor on my dog naturally. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!

Does Anyone Know Any Natural Cures To Lower Blood Pressure?

By , September 14, 2009

Serious answers please. I’ve heard of potassium, but is there anything else?

Do Christians Know More About Natural Cures Because Of God-given Knowledge?

By , September 11, 2009

If So, what cures can you suggest?

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