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Essay Help Holistic Care Nursing?

By , September 6, 2009

I have to do an essay on holistic care nursing and have to define all patients needs such as psychological and emotional. Does anybody have any examples of these as they seem very similar to me

How Do I Become A Holistic Health Practitioner?

By , August 31, 2009

I am interested in becoming a holistic health practitioner. I need to know how to do that. Do I need to become a nurse first? I would like to have the knowledge of a doctor but not prescribe meds. Is this possible. What type of schooling should I do? I am not completely against medicine. I just want to be more natural. Someone help me out here?

Why Do We Need To Research About Holistic Nursing Care Application?

By , August 28, 2009

focused on the student nurses

Why Florence Nightingale’s Theory Is Considered A Holistic Nursing Theory?

By , August 25, 2009

Special Education is for students with DISABILITIES. You have miscatergorized your question. Y!A suggests a category but you need to verify it is the correct category and change it if need be. This will ensure you will get more useful responses.…
The provision of education to people with disabilities or learning differences differs across countries and (in the US, Canada, Germany, and other federally organized countries) across states…
Special education in India was present since the pre independence time, with very few schools or NGOs helping intellectually impaired children. Today India has come a long way and made a good progress in the field of disability rehabilitation. Presently India has four national institutes for effective implementation of this special education through various government schemes.
Miscatergorizations is a violation of the Y!A Community Guidelines:…
Categorize correctly.Categorize your question correctly. Placing your question in the right category ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages, so find the right one for your location or language
try the HEALTH category
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Was Holistic Nursing Care Practiced By The Student Nurses Nowadays?

By , August 22, 2009

Its still being taught, but its just not in practice. When I was in school, about 10 years ago for Nursing, it was always brought up as a “consideration”, but not as a practical application. Its pretty evident in the care that the “newer nurses” give.

How Could Maslow’s ‘hierarchy Of Needs’ Relateto ‘holistic Nursing Care’ Of Aclient With Achronic Health Cond.

By , August 19, 2009

It means you have to attend to their physical need and safety needs before you can help them feel better emotionally.

Are There Any Legitimate Online Holistic Nursing Certificate Programs?

By , August 16, 2009

I am pretty sure that certificates in Holistic Nursing are offered from some Alternative Health School. Here is a a link to the American Holistic Nursing Association:
Seems likely if there is an association for this, there must be some required certification. You could also check out a Natural Health school directory and see if specific accreditation is offered:

Why Is Florence Nightingale’s Theory Considered A Holistic Nursing Theory?

By , August 13, 2009

Nightingale was a proponent of good hygiene, rest, fresh clean air, and prayer.
Hygiene isn’t really holistic, there are proven scientific benefits that directly relate hygiene to health (the same *could* be said for rest). The others, though, are more abstract environmental properties. There is no directly relationship between being religious and being healthy, but the restful ambiance that Nightingale observed between being at peace and being healthy led to to add this to her theory of a good environment leading to good health…she didn’t treat the disease, she treated the patient (corny, maybe, but true).

Is Holistic Nursing Care Being Applied Today By The Practicing Nurses?

By , August 4, 2009

The practice of nursing has been divided to so many branches or subfields. With the demand of nursing in the medical field, nurses are forced to worry first of what is asked of them in the field then follows the holistic treatment and approach. in as much as they want to be holistic their field needs more specific tasks to do first such that they need to do it the simplified way just to get the work done.

Everything You Know About Becoming A Holistic Nurse?!?!?!?

By , August 1, 2009

I really need help!!! How to become certified..classes/programs you have to take…any other information will be helpfull….Please help!!!!

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