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Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health And Lifestyle Center

By , March 28, 2010

Ayurveda Versus Western Medicine Approaches To Health Care

By , March 12, 2010

Alternative Health – Functional Medicine

By , December 30, 2009

Mullika Shrivastava Interviews Dr Anand On Holistic Health

By , December 26, 2009

Edgar Cayce Principles Of Holistic Health A.r.e.

By , October 31, 2009

Holistic Breast Health Care, How Do You Treat And Infected Milk Duct?

By , September 24, 2009

i got a new piercing 3 weeks ago, it triggered my milk to come in. (mother of 2, wet nursed 2 others, i remember the feeling well) but it seems to have gone amuck in the duct webbing to the armpit area. talked to the doctor, and since i have no med ins at this time, the $200 antibiotic is out. i have been doing hot compresses, hot showers, upping my b complex and c intake. what can i do that would kick this out?

Achieving Optimal Health Through Natural Medicine (part 2)

By , September 17, 2009

What Can I Do W/ The Major Of Health Education, Minor In Holistic Health?

By , September 9, 2009

I am a pre-nursing major and I want a back up major just in case if I didn’t get into the program.
I’m minoring in holistic health right now. Since holistic health falls under health education at my college, I’m wondering, what can I do with a health education major?
If I have time, I may minor in Chinese and/or Asian American studies.

How Do I Become A Holistic Health Practitioner?

By , August 31, 2009

I am interested in becoming a holistic health practitioner. I need to know how to do that. Do I need to become a nurse first? I would like to have the knowledge of a doctor but not prescribe meds. Is this possible. What type of schooling should I do? I am not completely against medicine. I just want to be more natural. Someone help me out here?

Achieving Optimal Health Through Natural Medicine (part 3)

By , August 24, 2009

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