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Help! My Best Friends’ Father Has Lung Cancer. Do You Know Alternative Cures?

By , November 30, 2009

I am very worried about my friend and her family. Her father has lung cancer and he had an operation and one of the lungs was removed because it was too damaged. Since then they have tried all kinds of medical therapies, chemotherapy, pills and the results are not good. Now the cancer have attacked the lung that was not removed. Doctors say he has still a chance to live, but they are not so sure how much. So, I was wondering does anybody know some alternative methods of curing cancer. He eats healthy food now. Do you know something that can help? I know that there are people in the world that have won the battle against cancer. If you who are reading this already have done that, please share your experience. We would be very grateful.

Best Natural Cures For Yeast Infections?

By , October 6, 2009

I have been taking a Acidophilus sup., how many should I be taking daily
I also take a cinnamon supplement
along with a multi & vitamin b, fish oil and sometimes chlorophyll.
Is this ok?

Is It True That Filipino Nurses Are The Best Nurses In The World In Terms Of Rendering Holistic Care?

By , September 18, 2009

They are kind, in a very spiritual way. There is an aura about them manifested in calm and concern.
I recently had a non-Filipino nurse who had these same qualities, so it isn’t unique to any nationality, but Filipino people on the whole seem to be pleasantly non prejudicial.
Except when they are unfairly treated, as witnessed by the struggle for independence from USA, Spain, Japan. Also, I worked with a Filipino cook who was being tormented by a large Irish-American chef. The cook charged with a knife, but stopped when I asked him.

What Are The Best Websites For Alternative Cancer Cures?

By , September 11, 2009

I would prefer non-commercial links, such as universities or non-profits.

Does Anyone Know Where The Best Christian Sites Are For Natural Cures And Vitamins?

By , August 23, 2009

I know of a few, but would like to know more.

What Are The Best Alternative Cures For The Cancer?

By , August 22, 2009

There are many different alternative treatments for many different cancers. What kind of cancer are you wanting to know about for treatments?
There is no cure for cancer, even with alternatives. But there are many supplements and nutritional needs that a body needs to fight the cancer.. if you can give the body what it needs, then the body can do its job and heal or at least keep things stable.

Choosing the Best Nursing School

By , August 4, 2009

Nursing is a great profession with a lot of benefits. It is a noble and honorable job. The benefits are not always in monetary terms but sometimes in valuable gratitude that comes from a patient or the family of a patient. We should encourage more young people to take up this profession of nursing. It is a great career to have. We just have to choose. It’s that simple. Let’s take a look at how you ought to go about choosing the appropriate nursing school.

In choosing a nursing school, what should our motive be? We need to decide. Do you want to better your growth prospects? Do you want to climb the graph of your career? It is of primary importance that you first decide the course you are really interested in taking, before you find the appropriate school. There are plenty of good schools for you to choose from, so don’t worry.

Nursing school is a place where nurses who have graduated, can get a better training in nursing. They can opt for specialization in a particular field if they want to. It gives them a boost so they can actually dream of climbing up in their career pursuit and reach a senior level position. There are a variety of schools that which offer many courses to select from, like, physiotherapy, dental nursing, health care management, public health management, hospital nursing, private nursing, etc. You have an array of choices. Nursing is no longer only for nursing homes and hospitals. The range of choices in this particular career has become endless. You can actually choose to do what you like best.

When you select a nursing school, make sure that it is certified by the government. There are many schools that offer you financial aid if you need it. Others offer you assured job placements, after you complete the course. You can opt for online schools also. Just check it out properly before you enroll; whether it is recognized and does it really exist and if the certification and training given by them is good for your career and ambitions.

For those who are working and do not have time, they can go to schools that hold classes on weekends or in evening batches. Also, online schools that offer you all the clinical training in detail. Some even allow you to use you PC at home and send you all the training modules online. Enroll in a school that will give you the clinical training in detail. Choose a school that is reputed. The only way to find out would be from past students and other sources. In a good school, you can polish your nursing skills, and become a better-trained and more efficient nurse. There is demand in the job market for trained nurses, and if you specialize, then it is even better. Do not be just a normal graduate nurse, but aspire to go to a school that will groom you to be a professional and well trained nurse.

Nursing Jobs searches are now easier with this excellent new website called Employers can post jobs for free and you can do detailed job searches without signing up. PS there is even a new section for those interested in Nursing Schools.

What Are The Best Herb Plants To Pot Together To Start A Herb Garden?

By , July 29, 2009

Tried to grow a herb garden with a mixture of herb plants, but some plants needed more water or sunshine then others and eventually they all died. I need advice on what plants are best potted together. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

Which Is The Best Cleansing Program For Natural Cures?

By , July 15, 2009

I have read and watched so much media about cleansing programs and would like to know from your experience which program is the best in terms of effectiveness and cost aimed at natural cures.

What Grows Best In A Herb Garden?

By , July 13, 2009

I am just starting to plant my garden. I decided to do a small herb garden. I would like some examples of herbs that are pretty easy to grow and that taste great. I cook alot with oregano, basil, rosemary, and parsley. Have any tips or any other suggestions for a great garden? Thanks.

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