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My Saluki Had Demodectic Mange And The Vet Told Me It Will Never Go, Anyone Know Any Alternative Cures?

By , November 25, 2009

Demodectic mange is sort of like an auto immune disease.
It can be cleard up and if the dog gets stressed by something it can flare back up.
You can not really cure it but you treat the symptoms when they flare up and then hope it will stay dormant for a long time.
Our rescue has had Dobermans with it and treated them fairly successfully. It takes some time to clear up but then many times it is gone for many years.
Follow your vets program as it is really the best way to clear it up and then try and keep your pets life as low key as possible.
Good luck.

Does Anyone Have An Alternative Cure For Ear Infections?

By , November 15, 2009

And does anyone know of a internet site that has remedies that are alternative?
Thanks in advance.

How Effective Are Natural Cures? More Specifically, Has Anyone Tried The Techniques By Kevin Trudeau?

By , October 14, 2009

The key to understanding natural cures is simple. While most therapies like acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, diet, detox, etc have been shown to help virtually any condition, not everyone with a particular condition will respond well to the type of therapy. The key is to find a physician – usually a N.D. Naturopathic Doctor, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic, or a Master of Oriental Medicine. These doctors are trained to evaluate which type of alternative therapy would have the best results for your particular conditions.
For more traditional healthcare – find a doctor of Functional Medicine.

Does Anyone Know Of Any Natural Cures/home Remedies For Canker Sores?

By , October 12, 2009

I want to get rid of it without paying for medicine.

Anyone Know Any Natural Cures For Depression That Acutally Work?

By , October 8, 2009


I Have Hives. Has Anyone Had Success With Alternative Cures? Like Histarix Or Biogetica Products?

By , October 1, 2009

Please let me know if you have had success with treating HIVES with anything other than the usual drugs?
I have seens ads for natural cures by BIOGETICA and HISTARIX. Has anyone tried these products and did they work?

Has Anyone Tried Any Natural Eczema Cures?

By , October 1, 2009

I’ve been suffering for a long time from eczema and have tried everything from the dermatologist to a chinese magician. I came across this site reviewing natural eczema cures… and wondered if anyone else has tried any of these. I would love to hear your opinions!

Has Anyone Has Tried Any Of The Natural Cures By Kevin Trudeau?

By , September 20, 2009

Have you done any of the detoxes suggested? Have you done any other changes he has suggested in your life and has it made a difference?

Anyone Know Of Any Natural Cures For A Fatty Tumor On A Dog?

By , September 15, 2009

Trying to find a way to get rid of a fatty tumor on my dog naturally. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!

Does Anyone Know Any Natural Cures To Lower Blood Pressure?

By , September 14, 2009

Serious answers please. I’ve heard of potassium, but is there anything else?

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