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How Do I Plant An Organic Garden?

By , July 25, 2009

I’m planning on starting my own organic garden, I’ve never been successful at growing much. My strawberries always get eaten by bugs. I’m pretty sure we have good soil here, (I live in washington), but I’m not sure how to keep pest out.

My Organic Garden And My Neighbours Non-organic Bonfire?

By , July 23, 2009

I have a great little organic veggie patch at the bottom of my garden, toms, lettuce, beetroot, leeks and stuff. My next door neighbour likes the odd bonfire at the bottom of his garden, plastic, metal, household waste and all sorts. When he sets a fire going it realy stinks, it smells very toxic. My question is….are my veggies safe to eat? how much would one very toxic bonfire effect my garden, if at all? I wanted to go out and pick lettuce and corriander today, but with the smell of smoke still in the air I realy didn’t fancy it.

Organic Garden?

By , July 23, 2009

what are organic gardening basics, i dont want to use manure, chemicals or pesticides. I was planning on using peat moss in the soil, what else should I know in regards to keeping the plants healthy and keeping pests away from the plants, please dont link, i just want simple real suggestions.

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