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Alternative Cure For Toenail Fungus And Numbness In Feet.?

By , December 5, 2009

I’ve got poor circulation in my feet, some nerve damage from frostbite, and a dash of toenail fungus to top it off. Anyone have any alternative remedies to help any or all? Having my toenails ripped off and using a topical doesn’t sound fun. Also, the pills are supposed to be hard on your liver. Don’t need that. It gets enough of a workout as is. :P

Help! My Best Friends’ Father Has Lung Cancer. Do You Know Alternative Cures?

By , November 30, 2009

I am very worried about my friend and her family. Her father has lung cancer and he had an operation and one of the lungs was removed because it was too damaged. Since then they have tried all kinds of medical therapies, chemotherapy, pills and the results are not good. Now the cancer have attacked the lung that was not removed. Doctors say he has still a chance to live, but they are not so sure how much. So, I was wondering does anybody know some alternative methods of curing cancer. He eats healthy food now. Do you know something that can help? I know that there are people in the world that have won the battle against cancer. If you who are reading this already have done that, please share your experience. We would be very grateful.

My Saluki Had Demodectic Mange And The Vet Told Me It Will Never Go, Anyone Know Any Alternative Cures?

By , November 25, 2009

Demodectic mange is sort of like an auto immune disease.
It can be cleard up and if the dog gets stressed by something it can flare back up.
You can not really cure it but you treat the symptoms when they flare up and then hope it will stay dormant for a long time.
Our rescue has had Dobermans with it and treated them fairly successfully. It takes some time to clear up but then many times it is gone for many years.
Follow your vets program as it is really the best way to clear it up and then try and keep your pets life as low key as possible.
Good luck.

Liver Complaints Any Alternative Cures?

By , November 20, 2009

apart from the drugs from the doctors is there any other cures for a liver complaint? thanks.

Does Anyone Have An Alternative Cure For Ear Infections?

By , November 15, 2009

And does anyone know of a internet site that has remedies that are alternative?
Thanks in advance.

Alternative Cures For Lower Back Pain?

By , November 5, 2009

About 15 years ago I damaged my coccyx, jumping off a flatbed builders lorry with a bag of cement in my hand. It got better, but every 18 months or so it nips up like it has now and i’m off work for a week.
You can see and feel swelling all across the lower line of my back just above where the coccyx joins the spine. More so on the right hand side than the left as you look at me from the back.
I’ve been to chiropractors and although they manage to ease it again, I’d like to explore holistic or alternative remedies for a more longer lasting cure. Anyone answering this must leave alternative contact details so I can talk to them further if necessary. 10 points goes to the most helpful!

Low Energy And Anxiety – Alternative Cures?

By , October 31, 2009

Throughout my life I’ve had issues with anxiety. I also sometimes have low energy/ am irritable to those closest to me. I am meditating, eating right, working out, sleeping 8 hours a night, but I still have these issues. (I also have tried therapy.) Does anyone know of other things that may help? Maybe herbal supplements? (I’m on birth control though – so no St. John’s wort) Or am I just stuck this way.
Thanks much.

Alternative Cramp Cures????

By , October 26, 2009

I keep trying to do my math HW, but my cramps hurt so much! Pamprin makes me feel trippy and we don’t have Midol or anything else. =’( Any alternative cures out there? It’s appreciated.

Are There Any Alternative Treatments/cures For Diabetes?

By , October 21, 2009

In 1995 I suffered from acute pancreatitis. Surgeons removed 90% of my pancreas and this left me Type 2 diabetic. I was doing fine on pills until this past december my Endocrinologist decided to put me on Humulin R(about 15 units before meals) and and later on added Lantus(about 55 units 2x day) Insulins. In addition I’ve eaten healthier but I’ve gained about 20lbs. I really hate this and I want to get off insulin but doctors tell me that i had been using the pills (glyburide/metformin and Actos) for too long and its not healthy for my liver. I’d prefer to not be on insulin dependency. I know there are stem cell studies and other research going on. But is there anything else I should be looking into ? Is insulin safe? The ingredients are horrific!
Has anyone had success with other methods???
I live in Arizona I’m a 44 year old male.
Thanks for your help.

Ptsd Related Dissociation – Alternative Cures?

By , October 16, 2009

I suffer from PTSD related dissociation – NOT MPD or DID, just on the dissociative spectrum. Does anyone with experience in this have recommendations for alternative methods to combat the dissociativeness? I already meditate, pray, and use neroli oil. Other ideas?

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