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Traveling Nurse Careers: Hot Nursing Career Choice

By , August 2, 2009

In the early 1980’s, people in states such as Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida began to see the opportunity to open traveling nursing agencies to fill the demand for nurses in states that have higher populations in the winter months. With higher populations came more illnesses. The increase in illness raised the demand for nursing staff. The success of traveling nurse careers promoted the opening of agencies in states throughout the nation as a solution for the overwhelming shortages in healthcare.

What is a Traveling Nurse?

Traveling nurses are those in the profession who take on positions for short-term assignments usually lasting between 8 and 26 weeks. If a nurse is looking for temporary positions, but not wanting to relocate, many agencies have contracts for day-to-day work to fill staffing shortages. These nurses are found through agencies that specialize in traveling nurse careers. In addition to salary and benefits, these agencies find available positions, provide housing, and assist with living expenses. A traveling nurse fills a temporary position in a healthcare facility and is paid higher wages than one who is on staff. This gives the nurse the prospect to relocate if that is what is desired. Some facilities recruit the nurse if they are pleased with how he/she carries out his/her duties, but that is an option.

Traveling Nurse Careers Salary

The salary one should expect in traveling nurse careers varies due to experience and location. The average hourly rate for a traveling nurse ranges between $24 and $40+, not forgetting the highlights of assisting with housing and living expenses. The higher the cost of living in a location raises the amount the nurse is paid. Nurses who specialize in a particular area also have the opportunity of a higher pay rate, just as they would if they were on staff, compared to nurses without a specialty.

Job Outlook for Traveling Nurse Career

The job outlook for traveling nurse career is great and in high demand, as with any nursing career. Healthcare facilities, whether hospitals, nursing homes, or doctors offices, on average use about 25% of their staffing budget for hiring traveling nurses to fill staff. Unlike other careers clusters, the failing economy will not affect traveling nurses. Healthcare is always going to be in demand and a nurse is always on the frontline.

Online Nursing Degree – Your Fast Track To A Nursing Career

By , July 29, 2009

According to the projection of the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), United State is going to run short of over 200,000 registered nurses in 2010, the number is expected to increase to a staggering of 800,000 unfilled nursing jobs. If you are interested to start your career in nursing field, then this is the signal of great opportunities for you to pursue a promising career in nursing. You need to equip yourself with the necessary qualification in order to success in this career and online nursing degree can be your fast track to pave a start for your nursing career.

Online education has been introduced for a long time and it has been well accepted in the job market, no exception in nursing field. You have options to choose to pursue a nursing degree online or following the traditional education path through campus-based university. However, pursuing an online nursing degree has a few advantages that may benefit you.

How Online Nursing Degree Will Benefit You

The enhanced internet technology makes thing easy. Online education has utilized the advantage of internet technology to enable online students to learn from a remote location, meaning that you can pursue an online nursing degree offered by any school, regardless where you stay except if you stay at a place where you can’t access to internet. Hence, if you have decided to start your future career in nursing field, what you need to do is finding an online nursing degree of your interest offered by your selected school without the need to consider factors such as school location and relocation if the school is located far away from your home.

Most online nursing courses are conducted asynchronously, allow you to study at your own pace and logon to the classes at the time your preferred. These online learning features will benefit you especially if you are a working individual who likes to pursue a nursing degree for your career advancement or career switching to the promising career in nursing field.

Pursuing a nursing degree online can be the best option for you when you have a tight budget, which is the common situation for most people due to economy recession. By earning an online nursing degree, you will save money in various forms such as transportation to and from the school (you reach the online school through internet) and the purchases of printed books and references (most materials are in digital format). Besides that, with a proper time management, the flexible learning schedule of online education enables you to even work to earn your income while pursuing a nursing degree online.

Health care careers especially in nursing field are among the hottest careers that will keep booming even in the time of recession. You will be in right career path if you choose nursing as your future career. However, you need to prepare yourself with the right nursing degree to kick start the nursing career you are interested in. Online nursing degree can be the fast track to achieve your career goal.

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There Are Lots Of Nursing Jobs, But Will An Online School Give You What You Need For A Nursing Career?

By , July 26, 2009

There are approximately 3,000,000 RNs in the United States. That may sound like a lot but in actual fact; there is a shortage of young people going into the nursing profession. There is also the added problem of the older experienced RNs retiring within the next 5 to 7 years. Some hospitals rotate part time nurses as a solution but this may not be workable in the long term.

In the last 20 years there have been so many more opportunities for women in the work place that the nursing profession has suffered. We are in a position now that it is crucial to promote it widely and do what can be done to entice more people to take an interest in the nursing profession.

Fortunately the pay scale for qualified nurses has increased by as much as 12% in the last few years. Certification and geography play a big role in what kind of salary you can get. If you live in the New England or Pacific area, then the salaries are much higher. Also large hospitals with a high bed count typically pay more. And of course certification also makes a huge difference in salary. The range is huge. The average RN earns $40,000 to $58,000 per year. Specialty nurses can earn $65,000 to $80,000 per year depending again on certification and geography.

With the busy lifestyle we lead today, online courses are a great option, especially if you have children and want to further your education in a nursing career. There are several accredited online courses to help you achieve your goal. Your research skills can pay off big time if you do your homework and find the best online solution for you. Online courses now can get you Associate, Bachelor, Master, PhDs and more. There are also online sites that help you with your resume to help place you when you are ready.

If you are thinking about entering the nursing profession chances are you are a caring individual and want to help people. This I think is a wonderful gift you give of yourself and the health profession needs you. The word needs to get out to encourage young people to consider a nursing career for now and future health care.

Willie is a freelance writer and researcher and is dedicated in bringing information on health related issues and other topics.

Nursing Certifications and Expanding Your Career

By , July 23, 2009

If you are a registered nurse, you already hold the key to unlock an almost unlimited number of career opportunities. The only thing you have to do is choose the door to walk through. There is little risk here, if you feel like you have traveled down the wrong path you can simply choose another door. This is what it’s like to obtain advanced nursing certifications. You have the ability to choose a career path that suites you, but you can always gain additional certifications and change your career track.

With a nursing certification there is no limit to the things you can do throughout your career. There are many new and emerging nursing fields popping up all the time. Obtaining certification in areas such as forensic nursing, holistic nursing and genetic nursing will you allow to work in these nontraditional fields. Most of the certifications do not take a long time to obtain, so you can gain as many as you feel necessary.

Obtaining nursing certifications can easily help you advance from a registered nurse into a number of different leadership roles. Although the most common is nursing supervisor, you may gain certifications in specialties such as nurse manager or nurse administrator. These specialties help you land positions in the operational and financial management sectors within the healthcare industry. You may only be working at the hospital, but you could become one of the key leaders that ensure that the hospital runs efficiently and effectively.

When you obtain advanced nursing certifications you give yourself the opportunity to break out of the hospital and into many different types of organizations. Advanced certifications allow you to work in environments that a regular registered nurse may not be able to. For example, with fields like genetic nursing and nurse researcher, you are able to work in a laboratory setting. With specialties like legal nurse consulting, and nurse advocacy you might even find yourself in the courtroom. With ethics in nursing and nurse educator you are sure to be in the classroom.

Not only can you find yourself working in multiple types of organizations during the course of your career, but with some nursing certifications your nursing career may even be able to take you to different states or countries. International nursing gives you the tool to take your nursing knowledge to a variety of different countries. Right now, this is one of the more popular specialties, and though most choose to take their expertise to an underdeveloped nation, you can choose to go where ever you would like, as nurses are in demand all over the world.

Choosing an advanced certification such as independent nurse consulting could give you the option of starting your own business. You can choose to start a consulting business, a mobile or in home nursing business, or maybe even a case management business. The possibilities are endless. Along with the consistent boom in medical services that is forecasted to last for years to come, your chance of turning a profit sooner and staying in business longer is greater than that of the average first time entrepreneur. As the largest group of people in the country (the “baby boomers”) begins to age, the need for healthcare workers and businesses will continue to grow.

Becoming certified within a particular specialty will allow you to explore other career interests, possibly writing. A number of nurses lend their knowledge to various media outlets and organizations through either full time or part time writing. Regardless of whether you choose the specialty of nurse writing or you choose to write about other medical procedures, you will find the opportunities endless, possibly allowing you to cultivate this knowledge into a career. Aside from writing articles you may choose to write for seminars, continuing education course materials, or even product reviews.

Nursing certifications allow you to expand your career by giving you options. As you can see there is no limit to the number of career paths that you can take. You can manage your career to change as you change. In this economy some may see career longevity as a great reason for gaining nursing certifications. Many nurses see the flexibility of obtaining these additional credentials as their greatest asset. You should be able to obtain certifications while still working full time. Your certifications can help you move from the hectic pace and schedule of a registered nurse to the more structured business hours and standard schedule of a consultant. Then there is the consistent demand of specialty nurses. Unlike most of those entering the workforce today, you should be able to get a job anywhere in the U.S.

Nursing certifications not only expand your career, but they give you the control of turning your career into whatever you would like it to be. Certifications such as these allow you to take your favorite part of your job and perform that service possibly for the rest of your career.

Cynthia Andrews is a freelance writer who writes about the nursing profession, often writing about specific items used in nursing such as nursing scrubs

Starting a Career in Nursing: What to Know

By , July 22, 2009

If you are interested in a career in nursing, you could not have picked a better time. Nurses are in great demand today, and with people living longer, this demand is only projected to increase in the years to come. And, nursing is also a great second career, for those who have been in the workplace and in another field.

In order to become a nurse you must pass a nursing exam, which is typically administered by your state’s Board of Nursing. And it is important to note that nurses are licensed within the state that they live in. So, you may want to look into taking the tests in other states, if moving to a new state is in the near future for you. Yet, in order to take this test, you must first complete a nursing education program from an accredited institution. For the majority of nursing education programs, the most common and in most cases the only prerequisite is a high school diploma.

There are three types of nursing programs for you to choose from; you can decide to get a hospital diploma, an Associate’s degree in nursing, or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. When choosing a nursing program, be sure to choose one that best fits your budget and lifestyle. Today, there are distance and on-line programs, as well as traditional programs. Depending on the type of degree you are choosing it may take you from 2 to 4 years to become a registered nurse. Yet, if you have a degree already there are nursing programs that facilitate the ability to gain a nursing degree at a more accelerated pace. There are also programs for Certified Nursing Assistant which, if you need to get into a job quickly, is one of the fastest programs to complete. Due to a shortage of qualified nursing assistants, many employers will even pay for you to become certified.

After you have decided on a program, while working toward your degree, you may want to start thinking about what your specialty will be. The field of nursing is very diverse and no longer confined to the old fashioned white uniform or working in a hospital. Some of today’s most popular nursing specialties include forensic nursing, rehabilitation nursing, occupational health nursing, geriatric nursing, and holistic nursing.

Once you start looking for a job, there are a few things about nursing that you should know. Although there may be some differences due to specialty, most nurses are paid by the hour, instead of by a fixed annual salary. The beginning hourly rate will vary based on your location and the type of organization that you chose to work for (i.e. hospital, doctor’s office, local or state government, insurance company). Yet, the average beginning salary will be between $17.00 and $22.00 per hour. Also be aware that many states require nurses to stay current with new medicines, techniques, and the healthcare industry through continuing education credits. Fortunately the classes, lectures, and/or seminars are often easy to obtain and some can even be attended online. If you are starting nursing as second or third career, understand that nursing can be demanding physically, and be sure to consider these demands when choosing a specialty and/or a position. You should be prepared to work in high stress and/or emergency situations as well as working on the weekends and during holidays.

One of the last things for you to know is where to get help. There are numerous resources out there for nurses today. You may consider joining a trade association such as the American Nursing Association, the National League for Nursing, or the National Student Nurses Association. There are also trade associations for specific nursing specialties. Trade organizations are a great way to learn about nursing conventions, conferences, seminars, and opportunities for continuing education credits. They also provide a great support system and advice on ways to fight common problems, such as burnout.

If you are a man considering nursing, you should know that the common stereotypes of the past are being shattered today, as more and more men enter the field. And, there are trade organizations, magazines, and forums dedicated to men in nursing. Nursing is a profession that attracts and welcomes all people. So, there are resources for other specific groups, like minorities and those with disabilities who are also considering nursing.

Thanks to the popularity of shows like Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy the image of nursing has been romanticized, and it is a career that increasing numbers of people are interested in doing. Nursing is a rewarding career; but, make no mistake about, it is a challenging profession. Although, there are many things you can do to make sure this career path will suit you. One of the best actions to take before enrolling in a program of study is to talk to a registered nurse to ensure you have a realistic view of what lies ahead.

Shawn Thomas is a freelance writer who writes about the nursing profession. Mr. Thomas often writes about specific items used in nursing such as nursing uniforms.

Operating Room Nurses- A Fulfilling Nursing Career Path

By , July 22, 2009

As an operating room nurse, you have to provide specialized nursing services to critically ill and the mentally disturbed patients and promote physical and mental health within the medical treatment facility. The Operating Room nurse is basically responsible for assisting the doctors in preparing patients and in the operating rooms for surgery. It calls for preparation and maintaining of sterile medical supplies and helping with preoperative and postoperative procedures. You need to be prepared to treat emergency cases without getting perturbed and with a lot of patience. The patient’s medical history needs to be examined along with his records while conducting basic duties like taking temperature, pulse and blood pressure.

There are plenty of options also available in the operating nurse career such circulating nurse in the operating room and anesthesia care nursing. Nurses who provide anesthesia have to have least two years of critical care experience and should have completed the course from a nurse anesthesia school for training. Circulating nurses are responsible for everyone in the operating room on any particular day. They are responsible as patient spokesman ensuring that the patient being operated on is the correct patient and that the doctor is performing the correct procedure.

Nurses have many career opportunities available to them when they complete an AOC qualifying course in operating room nursing or one year of supervised training in operating room nursing. The patients undergoing surgery come completely under the care of the nurses attending the operating theater. Their duties start with preparing and ensuring that the operating theater is ready for the operating procedures and seeing to it that all the equipments and special procedures that are to be done before any operation are all taken care off. Regular procedures and emergencies, if any. They are also responsible for all the equipments while the operation is under progress and they need to ensure all the necessary tools are kept ready depending on the operation that is to take place.

The OR Nurse also manages operating room activities like taking control of OR personnel and making sure they have completed their routine checks and given responsibilities, which could be anything from ensuring the equipments, are sterilized to keeping records and relevant documents updated. Other responsibilities include maintaining correct and complete records and reports, and helping with ongoing, in house training programs by continually updating already advanced knowledge and responsibilities of nursing personnel.

Operating room nurses, are also referred to as preoperative nurses, are usually qualified and registered nurses who work in co ordination with patients who are to be operated upon. In today’s world, nursing jobs are in demand in hospitals, different types of clinics and surgical units that operate during the day. In hospitals, their work is to interact directly with patients before the operation during the operation and post the operation.

Plenty of nursing jobs are available in the world today. Scrub nurses duty is to hand the medical instruments to the operating doctor during surgery while the circulating nurse observes checks and monitors all the equipments during the operation and ensures that they run smoothly. The nurses whose duty is in the operating theater are responsible to ensure that the operating room is ready in all respects for the operating procedure. This would mean making sure, all the equipments are properly audited and the patient’s record is recorded in detail. The consent form is to be filled by the concerned family before the operation begins.

The operating room nurses position in the operating theater is very crucial as the entire operating procedure depends on her efficiency and job knowledge as they almost operate as secondary physicians in all respects. Infact half the job like suturing the patients after the surgery and controlling the bleeding is an important part of a operating nurses job. These nurses play the role of mediators and need to keep the patients informed about the upcoming surgery and give them post surgical advice as well. Assisting them and changing the dressing when necessary. The Operating Room Nurse works under the direction of the Manager while carrying out nursing responsibilities and duties.

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Benefits of a Career in Nursing

By , July 21, 2009

If you are searching for a new and exciting career, or a second career, then you should definitely take a look at a career in nursing. A career in nursing has more benefits today than it offered 20 years ago. Nurses today are constantly changing the healthcare industry, by consistently challenging the methodology, ideology, and overall practice of medicine. A career in nursing provides a rewarding experience and you can you can end each day knowing you helped make a difference in somebody’s life. Nurses are also needed in many industries aside from the traditional jobs in a hospital or doctor’s office.

In today’s job market, the best thing about a career in nursing is the fact that nurses are in such high demand. Nursing positions can be found in almost every state. There are many different positions available in various types of organizations, from insurance firms to universities. Nurses are also needed throughout the world rather a few types of organizations. Nurses are in such great demand that you can decide to take a break from your career and easily find a job whenever you are ready to return. As baby boomers enter retirement age, and people live longer in general, the need for nurses should only grow stronger for years to come.

However, being a nurse is much more than just being in demand. Nursing has a wide array of specialties. Therefore, you have the freedom of working in multitude of capacities throughout your career. New and emerging specialties such as holistic nursing, forensic nursing, and occupational nursing are constantly expanding upon what it means to be a nurse today. Nurses are also breaking into managerial, leadership, and financial roles like never before. You can decide to start in traditional nursing; later, try your hand at forensic nursing; then, move into a leadership or managerial position. Then there is the ability to start your own business as a consultant or an in-home healthcare professional; two industries that are growing at unprecedented rates right now. Besides, few other occupations allow a person the level of opportunities that a career in nursing can offer. The opportunity for advancement in nursing can rarely be duplicated in any other profession.

Nurses also benefit from having flexible schedules. Nurses can choose to work a variety of different shifts including 4, 8, 10, or 12 hour days. With the ability to work weekdays, weekends only, or a combination, nursing is quickly becoming the preferred occupation of parents, especially single parents who need flexible schedules. Not to mention, the freedom to work part time, full time, or the ability to change your schedule entirely as needed.

Starting salaries for new nurses is nothing to laugh at either. Though the salaries depend largely on the city and state that you are in, the median starting salary for registered nurses is close to $50,000 a year and there are always opportunities to work over-time.

Nurses are also encouraged to continue learning their craft through training and continuing their education. The nursing profession is constantly changing and evolving; so staying on top of new trends, techniques, and laws can only be beneficial to you. Luckily, there are enormous training opportunities available for nurses. A nurse’s employer often pays for these training opportunities.

Nurses also benefit from having a strong support system. Almost every nursing specialty has its own trade association. These resources serve nurses tirelessly, by providing and informing them of training opportunities for their specialty and general nursing, alerting them to job opportunities within their field; and, giving them a outlet to exchange challenges and ideas with their peers. These support systems also strive to prevent nurses from burning out by stressing the importance of a nurse’s need take care of him or herself. A nurse should also stay on top of the new laws that become a part of the healthcare industry along with the latest innovations in nursing tools and hospital equipment. Nurses can easily find the support they need because nurses are known for helping each other.

Then there is the level of job satisfaction. Most nurses cherish the fact that they spend their days helping people who need and appreciate their skills. Patients usually spend more time with their nurses than they do with their physicians. In many cases, nurses are able to not only translate medical jargon for patients, but also help patients feel better about their condition and/or treatment options. Nurses, provide comfort to patients and their families in difficult times.

Though nursing is not an easy profession, and you are likely to experience a faced paced, hectic, work environment. Being a nurse means making sick children feel better, bringing a smile to elderly patients, and helping families in crisis. You remember these experiences for the rest of your life. Becoming a nurse is a very rewarding career choice and you are able to help many people in many different ways.

Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about the nursing profession. Mr. Thomas often writes about specific items used in nursing such as nursing uniforms.

Associate Nursing Degrees; A Good Start to Your Nursing Career

By , July 18, 2009

Nursing careers are for those who enjoy interacting and working with people, especially when medical help is needed. Saving lives is the basic fundamental of nursing besides helping doctors and managing staff. The medical field can be very exciting with the challenges and a lot of hard work. As a profession it has very good prospects as nursing is very much in demand all over the world.

Associate degree courses helps students with the basic skills and gives an insight to nursing practices. They provide especial educational programs that enable you to choose from different nursing job opportunities. Various online courses are also available where the quality of the program may vary and it is better for you to choose one which is well established. These courses can help you get an associate degree based on your previous life experiences and without having to attend classes or go for admission tests.

You could then choose from a full time nursing course or just a part time one depending on your future requirement. Precaution must be taken while enrolling to ensure that these nursing programs are government recognized, to be valid. These associate degrees help you in becoming a certified nurse without holding a bachelor’s degree. This can help you in adding to your educational qualification, which will help you further your career.

There are numerous colleges that offer various courses in nursing to suit your requirement. An associate degree gives you that added knowledge and qualification to move on to a specialized area in nursing. In order to be a registered nurse you need to finish these courses successfully from a recognized nursing school. Associate nursing program was evolved when Milred Montag did a research program, which brought about this course. The basic need for this was the fact that conventional nursing degrees took a very long time which was then cut short and reduced by the associate nursing degree. If you do not have the time for the regular 4 years that is required to get the degree then an associate program is best suited for you. You have a choice of either go in for a campus course or an on line nursing degree.

The campus courses will include practical and laboratory training as well, where you will be assigned to a clinic for 5-8 hours a day. Besides this you are educated on the basics of nursing and patient care along with the knowledge of commonly used medicines etc. You should be prepared for the stress levels usually associated with nursing jobs Morale boosting and solving staff problems are within the scope of any nurse’s work. It is a combination of medical knowledge with the touch of compassion which makes it a great profession. Nursing is a career to be proud of, where you can contribute to the society and help people being a health professional.

Armed with the general education and an associate nursing degree you are ready for a career in nursing.

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Associate Nursing Degree- A Great Way to Start Your Nursing Career

By , July 15, 2009

To make a career in the medical field is very challenging. Many young girls are taking up the profession of nursing. Doctors and nurses will never get ‘out of demand’. Nursing as a profession does have a brighter side. One has to be genuinely interested in becoming a nurse and as a nurse has to take care of patients with lot of patience and dedication. An associate nursing degree is the first step towards the nursing career. It trains a person to be a certified nurse without obtaining the bachelor’s degree. The associate nursing degree leaves you with a good chance to stand out once you approach your bachelor’s degree in nursing.

You can choose to take an associate nursing degree through a campus-based college or with the help of an online college. An online nursing degree is very convenient especially if you are working. You can complete the course without disturbing your daily schedule. If you are self-motivated and hard working you can manage to complete your degree in the shortest period. An online degree proves very beneficial as it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can finish the nursing course without disturbing your daily routine. You can continue working and giving more time for the family, you can plan your time accordingly and study for the course.

The online associate nursing degree gives you a benefit of attending the online classes any time and from any place with an Internet connection. During these online classes you can ask your questions and get your quires sorted out. Due to this advantage, online nursing degree is gaining a lot of popularity. An associate nursing degree acts as a foundation for a brighter future in the medical field.

An associate nursing degree will enable you to work in any hospital, any other nursing facility or under any doctor. When you get your higher degree, your chances of getting a better job increase due to the nursing degree. This degree will make your base strong and you have a clear and a better idea of nursing once you finish the degree.

The associate nursing degree acts like a ladder for your career graph and prepares you for the National Council of Licensure Examination for registered nurses. The associate degree has two different programs. One program is designed for those who do not have any knowledge of the medical or nursing background and the other program is for the licensed practicing nurses. The licensed practicing nurses are the ones who have a prior nursing experience.

Hundreds of nurses obtain associate nursing degree every year, due to the rise in the demand for nurses. Nurses enjoy a good salary and are able to help those in pain. A nursing degree will fetch you a job at an entry level with the salary ranging from $40,000 to $45,000 annually. Many hospitals and companies offer tuition reimbursement benefits once you become a registered nurse with the associate nursing degree. You can use this benefit when you plan to do your BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing by completing the RN-to-BSN program. BSN will boost your nursing career and help you earn more.

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Nursing Career Information – Three Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

By , July 15, 2009

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse but not sure where to get nursing career information? This article will cover a few things about nursing and hopefully will help you get started with a very rewarding career. This article will cover what nursing is about. Then we’ll cover the schooling needed to become a nurse and mention a couple of different areas of nursing you can work in. Also, this article will tell you how to get more information.

In my opinion, the best thing about nursing is you are directly working to save lives. Now I know this sounds crazy. However, keep in mind the nurse is always in direct contact with the patient. Plus you are in contact with many people. Also, they are the ones who carry out the doctors orders and provide comfort and consultation to the ailing patient. The most important thing you need to know so far is that you have to have good people skills and know proper bedside manor.

Nursing is also a rewarding career financially. They have a great starting salary, much higher than other entry level jobs. So the money is there. You need to go to school first. As of this writing, there are three types of nursing degrees available. If you want to get started right away, the good news is that some of these programs are as short as 2 years and you’ll have your nursing degree. However, the longer you go to school, the more opportunity you have to make more money. You only need a high school diploma to apply for these nursing degree programs and participate.

When you complete your nursing degree program, then you can start applying for nursing jobs. There are many career nursing choices available. For example, you can work in a hospital or become a private nurse. It appears that hospitals offer better benefits than working as a private nurse. However, being a private nurse may be less stressful. It depends on what you want to do.

If you decide to work in a hospital, you can assist the doctor in delivering babies and helping new mothers get started. Also, you can work in the fast paced emergency room. Basically, working in a hospital can provide a nurse many opportunities. On the other hand if you work as a private nurse, you are usually sent to watch over a patient for the evening or during the day. So hopefully you can see the extremes of each nursing career choice.

So as you can see, getting starting in a nursing career, while challenging, is simple. The main things you need to know are the schooling you need and then what area you like to specialize in. Read the resource box below for more nursing career information. You’ll also find that there are many opportunities for the motivated nurse.

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