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Alternative Medicine: Knowing What Works and Buying Into the Real Thing

By , August 4, 2009

These days it seems there are far too many claims that a particular herbal supplement can do many extraordinary things that not even doctors can figure out. The people selling these ‘miracle drugs’ attempt to impulse you straight to your pocket book…and succeed every day. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from fraudulent claims and purchasing products that actually provide you the real ingredients of what you thought you were buying. There are two major organizations that have made it their job to validate the alternative supplements and allowing the placement of their stamp of approval on the approved products. These two organizations are the United States Pharmacopoeia and NSF International.

One piece of advice: never buy anything that claims to be an alternative treatment without first finding this stamp of approval. Why risk it? it is these organizations jobs to seek out and approve all the products that actually follow through with what they say. So if the stamp is not there, then it may very well mean that it has not been approved. That being said, there are many products out there seeking their approval but some have really managed to stand out as some of the more effective alternative medicines, thanks to the research done at universities such ad Harvard, Duke, and Stanford. These universities have been making it one of their main goals to research and find what herbal remedies really work and how. Several years of research have already been conducted and many alternative medicine practices have been deemed as effective.

Some of those effective alternative medicines include: acupuncture for pain, guided imagery (focusing on breathing and relaxation while taking the patient to another ‘place’), as well as glucosamine for joint pain. Also mentioned were alternative treatments for PMS using such supplements as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6 which all can have an impact on bloating and other strong effects of one’s period. For depression, it has been validated that St Johns Wort has evidence of it’s effectiveness for reducing the symptoms. However, those taking the supplement will more than likely not see any effect until after six to 8 weeks.

So when you hear the claims that a certain herb will cure those things which man has not been able to figure out after all the decades of research, maybe it would be a good idea to do a little of your own research. Find a valid practitioner who can assist you in finding the right alternative medicines and treatments which would be best for you. Valid practitioners are those who have actually studied alternative medicine and are included in the Consortium for Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine and who have a background in alternative medicine. If you do not seek professional advice, then make sure you look for the “USP” of “NSF” stamps of approval on the products before making your purchase.

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Questions and Answers: Complementary and Alternative Medicines Forum

By , August 2, 2009

As complementary and alternative medicines become more popular in society the resources for advice become more common as well. Talking about health and health problems is very common in society; seems to be almost as common as talking about the weather.

With the internet being at almost everyone’s finger tips, the most common place for research, questions, and advice is most definitely online. Therefore the complementary and alternative medicines forum is an excellent source of information for people. It allows a private and anonymous place for people to be honest about their ailments and receive help and advice from other people who have been in their place regarding health problems and using alternative methods as treatment.

The engine on complementary and alternative medicines forum can be found easily by typing those words into any search the internet. Once there, you can post your own question, look at others questions and answers, browse the archives, or email the page to others. There is also several different thinks to other health related web pages.

Questions as simple as what helps the itch from a mosquito bite to how to help nausea from chemotherapy can be found. However, the questions have to be specifically regarding complementary and alternative medicines. The complimentary and alternative medicines forum does need to remain on that topic. From there, the range of topics is endless. People can gain information about possible treatments, problems with treatments, positives about treatments, and any other suggestion about complimentary and alternative medicines.

The complementary and alternative medicines forum is so popular because of the anonymity that it can offer its users. Sometimes problems and health conditions can be embarrassing or viewed as negative and people may not want the traditional places of advice to be aware of them. The traditional places of advice are coworkers, friends, and family. But not everyone is comfortable talking to these people about their health problems. The complimentary and alternative medicines forum is very easy to use. Just click on any question that interests you and you can see the answers that people had about it.

Further to this, your own question can be posed and then the answers viewed in the same method. You can pick your user name and therefore remain as anonymous or as recognizable as you want. The forum should be considered an initial place to look for advice or treatment and not a one stop shop. Once information has been obtained on the site, it could be helpful to check into that information to ensure that it is solid.

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How Alternative Medicine Fits Into Today’s Society

By , August 1, 2009

Think you don’t know what alternative medicine is? It’s more common than you think, and now has a firm place in the world today. Certain therapies not formerly thought of as legitimate medical treatments are now being used on a more frequent basis to treat a variety of ailments, quite often with endorsement from the medical community. Some of the more common types of alternative medicine treatments include:

• Massage therapy

• Aromatherapy

• Hydrotherapy

• Acupuncture

• Herbal Remedies

• Meditation

• Spiritual therapy

More than likely, you are familiar with many of these treatments; maybe you have even experienced a few yourself. Many of these treatments are not only used to treat many common health problems, but are used by people all over the world in order to achieve total well-being.

For thousands of years, the treatments deemed alternative today were standard practice. And now, people seem to be turning to these optional therapies when they are in a health crisis, or if they feel they have nowhere else to turn.

There are factions of people throughout the world who prefer to take advantage of the natural effects that alternative medicines and therapies offer, rather than depend on synthetic drugs to cure or prevent ailments. Herbal medication have the benefit of being completely organic, or from the earth, and often provide equivalent remedies to prescription drugs.

Alternative medicines and treatments have become part of the fabric of our society today. While many of these therapies are meant to be used as a treatment for a health problem, some are used by people as simply a method of relaxation or reward. Chief among them is massage therapy. Massage has become incorporated into the routines of many individuals in today’s society as a means of stress reduction, rather than pain relief.

Meditation is another form of alternative medicine that has become an integral part of many lives in today’s society. With its roots steeped in ancient spiritual history, meditation acts like massage in that it provides a release for stress and anxiety. In order to perform mediation correctly, though, you should learn as much as you can about it first. Many people enjoy this type of alternative therapy a great deal because of the personal control they have when performing it. Many individuals in today’s society highly recommend meditation as a type of alternative medicine.

The stresses of today’s society have led some to cry out for change. Many find solace and healing in alternative medicine treatments. The natural treatments and calming effects of many of them are exactly what many people have been searching for in order to reduce their stress. The average person is forced to deal with a large amount of stress on a daily basis. Alternative medicine and treatments bring relief to the stresses and anxiety that people of today’s society feel weighed down by.

In today’s society, we see a great deal of stress, anxiety, and illnesses. Alternative medicine provides a viable option to traditional medicine that aids people in the maintenance of their well-being in their busy lives. Massage therapy and meditation are two common treatments that people can turn to, that can also have a positive effect on today’s society as a whole. As we move forward in society, you will continue to see a shift towards more acceptance of alternative medicine and therapy.

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How Uncommon Is Alternative Medicine Really Today?

By , July 30, 2009

We all know it is frustrating when you get a common cold or a headache and so on, but what kinds of alternative medicine solutions are out there so you can avoid taking several pills? There are several resources accessible to you regarding alternative solutions to help various health concerns from the internet, news programs, and even a magazine titled Alternative Medicine. The best thing you can do is do a little research for your problem and attempt to find another way to help yourself without swallowing away several more pills.

Alternative medicine is a broad term that covers several different therapies and treatments. Some of the complimentary methods available just to name a few are; chiropractic, diet, yoga, aromatherapy, herbs and nutritional supplements. There are plenty more to name and plenty more that have been used by people on a common basis. In a 2002 study it was found that 62% of American adults had used some form of alternative medicine in the past year.

In a basic sense, an alternative medicine is a health treatment and prevention that is not yet considered to be a part of a conventional medicine. So as mentioned above, these methods of treatment avoid the use of prescription drugs and/or surgery. However, when in dire need alternative medicine doctors do not discourage surgery or prescription drugs.

Another goal of the complimentary medicine treatment is to see the problem through the whole body of a person. As oppose to simply identifying the symptoms and giving a diagnosis, the alternative way of being is to see the underlying cause of the problem and view the persons mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

In the study that was done in 2002, amongst the 34,000+ people that were surveyed the most popular natural treatment used was prayer for health reasons with 110,012 uses. Herbs and nutritional supplements came in a distant second with a little over 50,600 times people said they had used that as an alternative medicine in the last year. Rounding out the top five includes chiropractic, deep breathing exercise, and meditation.

There are several alternative medicine methods out there that can help everything from treatment, prevention and a release of stress. These natural treatments allow a person to soothe themselves from any tension and relax. It is clear from the 2002 study that you are not the only one interested in or using alternative medicines. Thanks to the internet you can visit websites online and do your own unlimited research.

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Alternative Medicine Proven: Nature-be

By , July 29, 2009

From medical doctors the chief objection about alternative medicine ( ) is that it is “not proven.” By this statement it is meant that alternative medicine has not been meticulously tested like the pharmaceutical drugs have been.

According to Western medical doctor a meticulous test means that the medicine should go through one or preferably more irregular double blind clinical trials. This testing process is known as the gold standard of Western medicine.

This whole process is pretty expensive plus includes highly qualified researchers, an authentic research methodology, a couple of patients to test, plus a long period of time to observe results. Well the doctors are not right in saying this. Because alternative medicine has gone through rigorous testing several times and in multiple ways.

Exactly, that what I am talking about? Chiropractic adjustments are being tested. Then massage has been tested. Acupuncture. Yoga. Reiki. Reflexology. Herbs. Vitamin therapy. You name any alternative therapy; they all are being tested, and that to may be a lot of times.

I am wondering how you guys haven’t heard such results. Let me tell without any favoritism, that there is not even a single corporation that takes such published studies into account or benefit from it; it’s only left to the general public usually to read medical journals when they are formerly published. There are few astonishing example I would like to share with you.

Clinical and Laboratory Research in August 2003, this was actually a study published in the medical journal Multiple Sclerosis that few researchers estimated the effects of reflexology on reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

They figured out unbelievable results. Reflexology lessen the patients symptoms with paresthesias (burning, prickling, itching, tingling), urinary symptoms and spasticity (uncontrollable spasms). And this was contrasted to a control group that received a form of fake reflexology.

Similar to this another study shows that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in July 2002, that aromatherapy is quite helpful to patients suffering from acute dementia. The effects of this therapy made them less restless plus more inclined towards the social interaction and participating in constructive activities.

And both of these studies were done by the standard of “gold standard” trials. Which is as mentioned above, randomized double-blind controlled trials? Both of these studies are just two of other hundreds of studies that have been conducted globally several times mostly proving convincingly that alternative medicines work.

We can rely on many kinds of alternative medicine, effective, proven treatments that can help people with a huge diversity of illnesses, conditions and symptoms without causing any unease, side-effects and death that pharmaceutical drugs cause in so many cases.

I think that the mishmash of both alternative medicine usage plus a better approach to health insurance can aid us all live healthier lives and pay much less for healthcare and insurance

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Hilot: An Alternative Medicine Treatment

By , July 28, 2009

Alternative medicine has risen so quickly in popularity that many forms of alternative medicine treatments have been brought into the spotlight. The alternative medicine massage treatment is among these.

Massage is a great way to relax the body and take away the stress and problems of the day. The more common reasons that people get an alternative medicine massage is to rid their body of kinks and to feel refreshed afterwards.

The History of Hilot

Hilot as an alternative medicine massage originated from the Philippines. There are several varieties of this kind of alternative medicine massage. It has been a useful way of treating so many things from the flu to sprains and even dislocations. It is embedded in the culture of the country and there are, up to this very day, a few people who practice this type of alternative medicine massage.

The mang-hihilot or masseuse tends to guard their secrets methods of kneading and herbs that this is now uncommon to get a person who is skilled at it. Due to the close guarding of the trade secrets of the masseuse, they only teach their close relatives this art of alternative medicine massage in order to keep the family line going. It is uncommon today to actually have a Hilot that is performed by someone with ancient heritage.

Hilot goes as far back as the 5th century in the tribes of the Filipino people. It is unfortunate to note that there are no written facts or documents regarding the exact ways of this alternative medicine massage. What has been handed down from generation to generation of mang-hihilot contains variations added or subtracted by the current masseuse.

Uses Of This Alternative Medicine Massage

The hilot type of massage is often used to alleviate aches and pains due to overwork or stress. It is also common for a hilot masseuse to attend to a pregnant woman during birth or to change the position of the baby.

Other hilot massages also help to ease the pain of a sprain or a dislocation. These massages can be painful therefore the person giving the hilot usually asks the individual to chew on some leaves or to take a brew which can alleviate pain. Although the pain can be very intense to begin with, many claim that the medicinal value in the future fare outweighs the temporary discomfort of the treatment.

This form of alternative medicine massage is very effective especially for the stress related aches and pains. Many of todays clients of hilot massages are doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and real estate brokers. These high stress jobs require a release of stress and many have found that massage is the perfect way.

It is typically done with the accompaniment of virgin coconut oil to rub or knead at the muscles. After a hilot session, you are usually warned not to bathe for approximately twenty four hours. This is because the special oils used in the hilot session are rumored to only work if given enough time to soak in though the skin.

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Alternative Medicine: Different Approaches to Overall Better Health

By , July 26, 2009

Alternative medicine is defined as any form of medical treatment that is different from conventional treatments. Alternative medicines are becoming more and more popular as their effectiveness is increasingly tested and proven for treatment. There are many different types of alternative medicine techniques in use today.


The word homeopathy comes from the Greek for “similar disease” or “similar suffering.” Homeopathy is not just about administering different medications than the traditional prescription drugs given by doctors. It is also about diagnosing and classifying different medical conditions to find the best treatment possible for the patient.

The goal of this type of alternative medicine is to enable the body to use its own mechanisms to stimulate healing and prevent diseases from occurring. Homeopathic medicines are called remedies. These remedies are usually given in small doses. Practitioners work to tailor a treatment plan for each individual to gain the maximum benefits. They concentrate on the body as a whole, and not just treating the symptoms that ail the patient.


Naturopathic medicine was founded in India and works on the basis that the body can heal itself. To this end, naturopathic practitioners steer clear of synthetic medicines and invasive surgical procedures as a means to heal their patients. Instead, they opt to combine other alternative medical treatments, such as herbalism, acupuncture, and aromatherapy, as well as others. This type of alternative medicine is practiced in many countries, but is not always accepted because of its varying standards of regulation.

Reputable naturopathic practitioners are trained to use imaging studies and blood tests to help them get the full picture of what is wrong with a patient before administering any treatment options. They will then recommend alternative treatments for a prescribed amount of time. If the treatment does not work for the patient, a practitioner will refer the patient to a physician to obtain conventional medical care.


Chiropractics is a branch of alternative medicine that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and how these diseases affect the nervous system. Many of the procedures used in chiropractics emphasize manual therapy, using alignments and manipulations to correct the affected area.

A chiropractor must obtain proper training and receive a degree before beginning to work with patients. He uses a combination of measures to help heal a patient, including lifestyle counseling, a regimen of exercise, and a variety of tissue therapies. Much like naturopathy, chiropractics is based on the belief that the body can heal itself. Chiropractors help to realign areas of subluxation to help the body do its innate job.

Herbal Medicines

The basis of herbal medicines is to use plant derivatives instead of chemicals to heal diseases and prevent symptoms. People who use herbal medicines are adamant in their belief that herbs are not drugs. It is believed that by using herbal supplements on a regular basis, you can help your body ward off diseases for an ultimate healthy lifestyle. It should be warned that using herbal drugs in conjunction with prescribed medications can cause serious side effects. You should never take herbal supplements without consulting a physician first.

There are literally hundreds of herbal medicines available on the market today. Be cautious when picking which ones are right for you. Herbal medicines do not have to be tested before being marketed, so it is hard to say if they will work the same way for everyone. If you are interested in taking herbal medicines, talk with an herbalist in your area to get the best supplement plan for you.

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Variants Of Alternative Medicine And How They Can Benefit Health

By , July 25, 2009

Alternative medicine can be described as a medical treatment that rejects conventional medicine and follows other courses of action. This may include using herbal remedies, acupuncture, and aromatherapy whilst all the while incorporating the self awareness of the patient. This is probably the largest difference between alternative medicine and conventional treatment; it tries to incorporate an understanding from the patient in order for them to grasp how the treatment is helping them to recover as well as the physical body functions that are aiding the treatment.

Holistic medicine also falls under the realm of alternative treatment. Relying on natural methods plays an important part in this, using fruits, herbs and naturally occurring vitamins is widely used to help healing and recovery. Alternative treatment has gained in popularity in recent years, although not largely used for serious ailments; day to day problems and illness prevention seem to be the most powerful lures for patients.

While western medicine is heavily reliant on modern science, antibiotics and complicated drugs, alternative treatments instead rely on age old wisdom of societies in China and India. Modern alternative medicine however is taking a far more scientific approach using expansive clinical trials to assess effectiveness. Ultimately the objective of alternative practitioners is turn people away from relying on drugs and medicines that in the long run work towards harming the immune system.

Physical forms of alternative medicine include osteopathy and yoga, these types of treatment work towards strengthening the body and in general making it more physically healthy. Other forms of this therapy include practises such as tai chi, meditation and reflexology. As well as the physical benefits of these practises they also provide the patient with a means of relaxation as well as spiritual enrichment.

Massage that manipulates the muscles of the body can be extremely useful in combating ailments. Naturally the physical benefits of this treatment are well documented; less well know however is the relaxing of the mind that this form of treatment provides. Places of the body to focus on in massage are the head, feet, neck, shoulders and back.

Meditation while not being an explicit form of physical treatment can help the body greatly. By learning to control and focus the mind it is surprising how many benefits can be gained. Meditation allows patients to create a positive mental attitude to their wellbeing, perfect for hypochondriacs who are often stressed about their own health.

Some alternative medicine does not even require visiting practitioners; many people are now buying a range of herbal teas with unbelievable properties. In fact the number of boutiques offering substances such as dried jasmine flowers and camomile is increasing. As well as these two however many natural teas are available giving patients a means to relax themselves and improve bodily functions. Keeping an eye on what you eat and drink is also a vital constituent of healthy living and maintaining the body’s levels of nutrients.

Alternative medicine has become more widely used because of the dissatisfaction with conventional forms of treatment. Understandably patients are shocked by the stories they read in the press of ‘superbugs’ and wish to avid regular healthcare because of this. Obviously the most serious of conditions should be treated conventionally but for re-occurring minor ailments alternative practitioners have a vital part to play in people’s health.

Health expert Thomas Pretty looks into different forms of alternative medicine as a way of improve wellbeing.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

By , July 23, 2009

Alternative medicine is something that is different from the normal and conventional medicine. The comfort in using as well as the easy recovery due to the treatments followed in alternative medicines makes this method of treatment popular.  

The practices followed by alternative medicine practitioners are different from the conventional allopathic medicine methods. Even though these lack the explanations as seen in the biomedical treatments, this of course have the proof as experienced by a large number of people spread across the world. This is in fact the main reason, why this method is considered as a reliable treatment method for various ailments.  

Though not considered as ordinary doctors, the alternative medicine practitioners do have a reputation which attracts patients towards them. If you are in need of such an expert doctor for consultation, the ideal way is to search for one in your nearby locality. You can always be particular about your demands and start searching in various websites for expert advice.  

For certain medical conditions like cancer, back pain and arthritis, this is proven as an acceptable treatment method and hence used world wide.  Sometimes when patients look for the methodologies followed in treatments, they could be confused on the effectiveness. In such cases, they can seek for expert advice and references which will be helpful for them when taking decisions.  

There are different types of alternative medicine treatments and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. While you select a suitable method for your physical conditions, chances are high that you make a wrong selection. To avoid this, always look for an expert help from“. This will probably help you to keep away from the disadvantages of alternative medicine on your body. Depending up on your individual health conditions, your doctor will be able to give you the best alternative treatment.

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Alternative Medicine For Dogs – Using Homeopathy at Home

By , July 22, 2009

Alternative medicine is enjoying a boom as people start to take control of their own lives. As an alternative medical practitioner, a homeopath, I am very excited about this. When people take control of their own lives, there is no limit to what becomes possible. The limitations occur when you hand over that control to others. No one else but you, has your own best interests so much to heart.

Once you start taking control of your own life, you start to question what’s best for your family, including your pets.

You might now be asking yourself what could be the best alternative medicine for dogs.

There are many different alternative medicine modalities about and you need to do a bit of research to decide what is most appropriate. There’s homeopathy, reiki, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, flower essences, herbs, acupuncture or pressure, massage, Bowen therapy, to mention just a few. Many of these modalities will only be able to work in a limited way. For instance (and I’m no masseuse, so could be wrong), massage will probably only be good for strained muscles. And, although some can act on a deep level, they can be slow to show results, such as flower essences.

And alternative medicine for dogs, really starts with their diet. If you’re feeding your dog an unhealthy diet, it doesn’t really matter what modality of health care you use – it’s not going to bear fruit. “You are what you eat.”

Commercial dog food have few regulations and even fewer which are enforced. From the poor quality ‘meat’ by-products, to the nutritionless filler, to the dangerous preservatives, your dog is slowly being poisoned. Label claims of ‘preservative free’ or ‘natural’ are largely meaningless.

Once you start feeding your dog a wholesome and REALLY natural food, you will see huge improvements in health. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

But sometimes, you need to do more. Then you need to scour what’s available in  alternative medicine for dogs.

As a homeopath, you could say I’m biased (I agree!), but out of them all, the alternative medicine for dogs I consider has the greatest breadth and depth of real healing, is homeopathy.

Homeopathy has the potential to deal with ailments as diverse as ligament damage, to heart disease, from an embedded grass seed to depression. The only areas where I consider medical services are required is the setting of a broken bone and the stitching up of extensive wounds.

I don’t know of any other alternative medicine for dogs, where all this is possible.  And homeopathy addresses the cause, rather than the effect.

Lets look at that for a minute. Imagine a woman has just given birth, and has since developed haemorrhoids, or piles. Now there is a common homeopathic remedy for piles called Hamamelis. And this may well help. But it’s unlikely to cure. So you might have to keep taking it for a long time.

There’s another common homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla. And this helps with many ailments that develop from childbirth, including piles. Taking Pulsatilla is more likely to cure them for good.

So if you can treat the cause, expect outstanding results. A permanent cure is the aim.

One of the things I love about treating animals is their desire to help in the choosing of the right remedy. Most dogs are pretty outgoing and will make it very clear when you’ve selected the right remedy – they’ll lick the bottle, their lips or your hand, they’ll sit expectantly and wag their tail, they’ll look interested and attentive.

If, on the other hand, you selected the wrong remedy, they’ll turn their head away, walk off, perhaps even snarl at you if you persist.

To me, their body language is very clear. You really don’t need to be an animal communicator.

Once you have gained a bit of an understanding of what’s available, choosing an holistic vet, for the more difficult ailments, who practices alternative medicine for dogs becomes easier, and you become involved with your dog’s treatment.

I am passionate about your right of freedom to choose. But to choose, you have to know something about the subjects you want to choose between. So you need to listen to both, or all, sides of every aspect of every junction in your life that offers you that choice. Alternative medicine for dogs gives you plenty of choice!

Madeleine Innocent is a practicing homeopath, a specialised modality of natural health care. She treats both people and animals in her busy West Australian practice. Madeleine loves to spread the good work of homeopathy and other areas of natural health care and writes extensively on the subject.

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