Any Good Natural Cures To Get Rid Of Ants – Cornmeal?

September 17, 2009

I thought I had heard to sprinkle cornmeal around on counter tops to get rid of ants. Any suggestions?

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  1. jean ann j says:

    That and baby powder.
    They carry the cornmeal back home with them. When they eat it they swell. Thaks a little time.
    Baby powder gets rid of them.

  2. Kiley says:

    Black pepper is a nonlethal, poison free, cheap, and safe way to get rid of ants – sprinkle the black pepper where you see them congregating and watch ‘them scatter. Follow them to where they’re exiting – which is the same spot they’re entering in at – and sprinkle the pepper at that spot to keep them from coming back in. It’s safe to use in your cabinets, on windowsills, near your pets and kids, around food, etc.
    Try vinegar, fill a squirt bottle with plain old cheap white vinegar, and squirt it anyplace you’ve seen ants (kitchen counters, windowsills, etc) and let it dry. It’s non-toxic, won’t harm anything, and the smell will go away in just a couple of minutes.
    They both worked for me

  3. cleo says:

    In our country, the best way to deal with the ants naturaly is to dilute salts in the water and after that pour it. If you you can find where their colony is the better, but watch out for the trees because the salt solution can kill the tree instantly.

  4. Monika M says:

    Yep, cornmeal works. Ants can’t digest it and die. It may take a little longer this way but it’s environmentally friendly especially if you have kids and pets in the house. I even use it outside for the same reason.

  5. mermeliz says:

    Boric acid found at your favorite local pharmacy store. Sprinkle a bit of it along their paths. It is sold at pharmacy stores for making eyewash solutions normally but is a good ant killer/deterrent.

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