How Do I Become A Holistic Health Practitioner?

By , August 31, 2009

I am interested in becoming a holistic health practitioner. I need to know how to do that. Do I need to become a nurse first? I would like to have the knowledge of a doctor but not prescribe meds. Is this possible. What type of schooling should I do? I am not completely against medicine. I just want to be more natural. Someone help me out here?

Does Anyone Have Any Information On Natural Cures For Insomnia?

By , August 30, 2009

My husband is driving me mad. He has suffered with insomnia for as long as I’ve known him but it’s getting worse. It doesn’t help that he works a 3 shift system. But lately it’s been getting worse. We’ve tried some of the over the counter products but they don’t help. I’m desparate, he is so miserable and tired all the time! PLEASE HELP!

Herbs & Alternative Medicine : Neti Pot Solution Recipes

By , August 30, 2009

Dose Anyone Know Any Natural Cures For Internal Hamster Tumors?

By , August 29, 2009

dose anyone know any natural cures for hamster tumors i have searched online for animal cures and have found some tumor/cancer cures for cats,dogs, ferets and guiney pigs but know cures for hamsters!!

What you Need to Think of When Looking for an Online Nursing School

By , August 29, 2009

Nursing now presents a very good career field. If you are interested in becoming a nurse there are many opportunities for you to choose from. You could work in a hospital, a doctor’s office or even travel around the world with your nursing skills. There is currently a high demand for nursing jobs therefore many training programs are available including online nursing degree programs. With online nursing degree programs you can earn a nursing degree regardless of where you live. The other benefit of an online program is you can learn at your own pace.

Now that there are so many online nursing programs you really need to do your research to decide which online nursing school you should choose. That’s what this article is about. This article gives you information on the things that you need to think about when you are choosing an online nursing school.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the school is accredited. When a school is accredited it means that the school has met or exceeded nationally recognized standards in teaching. Accreditation of online nursing schools is not a requirement, that is why you need to be sure to check and make sure that whatever school you are interested in is accredited. This is important because employers like to higher nurses who have gotten their qualifications from an accredited school. In addition to your job search any credits that you get from an accredited online school should be transferable and this is not possible when you go to a school that has not been accredited.

Another thing to think about is how many students each teacher will be responsible for. To check on this just contact the Admissions department to see what the average student to teacher ratio is. This is important to consider because you want to make sure that the teacher does not have too many students that they will not be able to give your personal attention.

In order to become a licensed registered nurse in the United States you will need to pass an exam called the National Council Licenser Examination-Registered Nurse or NCLEX-RN for short. Therefore you want to make sure that you know what percentage of students graduating from the online school you are interested in actually pass this exam. This will give you a good idea as to how thoroughly this online school will prepare you for the examination. This is critical because if you do not pass the exam you cannot become a registered nurse.

The other thing you need to check into is if the school will require clinical assignments. If they do require a clinical assignment in a hospital you need to have transportation to get to these clinical assignments. If transportation is an issue or if other things in your life make it difficult to do a clinical assignment then you need to be able to work with the school to complete this requirement.

The best way to make a decision about an online nursing school is to be very familiar with every detail of what the requirements will be. The last thing you want to do is start this process and not be able to finish it due to something that you overlooked while researching for an online school.

Go to Rose’s site, for more information on nurses and travel nursing.

Why Do We Need To Research About Holistic Nursing Care Application?

By , August 28, 2009

focused on the student nurses

Organic Gardening In Georgia

By , August 28, 2009

Herbal Alternative Medicine : Using Herbs To Get Rid Of Ants

By , August 28, 2009

Growing Herbs : How To Plant A Kitchen Herb Garden

By , August 28, 2009

What Natural Cures Are There To Help A Dog Produce Red Blood Cells.?

By , August 28, 2009

My female dog almost died because her body had stopped producing red blood cells, so they gave her a transfusion & put her on alot of dangerous meds. She is doing better, but the meds are making her weaker before they make her stronger. That doesn’t make any sense to me. The vet thinks it was caused by an insect bite, but she was fine untill we took her there to be neutered & now she has this problem.

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